Resolved: Talent Recruiter - Candidate sites are running slow


20/10/2020 17:05: We are currently experiencing that candidate sites (vacancy lists, advertisements and application forms) are running slower than normal. We are investigating and will update status here.

20/10/2020 19:10: We are still working on our datacenter to resolve the issues in stability that we experience, new update will come soon

20/10/2020 20:19: RESOLVED: We finally found the issue that caused our servers to not performing and the system is working as normal again. We are very sorry for the disruption this caused for the candidates, and we are taking measure for avoiding similar incidents to happen in the future.

Created 3 months ago
Last updated 3 months ago
Incident Id: 3c392380-2c04-4673-8d9a-6c4be3d11d77