Publishing ads from Talent Recruiter to LinkedIn is not working


We have re-implemented our LinkedIn integration and it is now possible to post to your company wall again directly from the system. The message is also removed from the pop-up where the post is created.

We are re-implementing the way we communicate with the LinkedIn API. This implementation will take some time. Due to this reason we have added a message directly on the LinkedIn editor in the Recruiter and stopped highlighting the incident here. Users can check the status directly on the editor.

To get the LinkedIn integration up and running again, we are required to re-implement the way we communicate with the LinkedIn API. This requires some more work than first expected. We have added a status message in the LinkedIn editor itself about the issue to inform the users who are using this feature. We will also update this incident status when the issue has been fixed.

We are in contact with LinkedIn to get the integration back online. In the meantime, you can copy the link from the "Confirmation" tab in Project Start and post it manually on LinkedIn.

Initial message
We are having some issues with out LinkedIn integration at the moment. Pubilsh a job ad from Talent Recruiter to LinkedIn will currently fail. We are working on a fix, but it can take a few days until the integration is back online.

A workaround is to manually paste the link to your job ad to LinkedIn.

Created one year ago
Last updated one year ago
Incident Id: 50a446e1-2c32-462f-b391-5cf8d0672e0e